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American Cedar Vs Japanese Cedar Which Is Better For Fences?

Choosing wood for your fence is like picking the best candy—exciting and important! At Humble Fence Company, we want to help you decide between American Cedar and Japanese Cedar. They are both special, and we’ll explore what makes them unique so you can pick the one that’s just right for your fence.

American Cedar Fences: Super Strong and Classic

American Cedar is like a superhero for your fence! It’s really good at staying strong and not getting sick from bugs or bad weather.

Why it’s Great:

  • Strong: American Cedar is like a tough superhero, making your fence last a super long time!
  • Looks Nice: It has a warm, brown color that makes it look classic and cool.
  • Easy to Take Care Of: You don’t have to do much to keep it looking good. Easy peasy!

Why it’s Good for Nature:

  • Helps the Earth: Choosing American Cedar is like helping the Earth because it comes from special forests that are taken care of.

Japanese Cedar Fences: Fancy and Fun

Now, Japanese Cedar is like a fancy dress for your fence! It’s a bit different but in a cool way.

Why it’s Great:

  • Strong Too: Just like American Cedar, Japanese Cedar is also strong, so your fence stays strong and healthy.
  • Lots of Colors: It can have many colors, like pinks and reds. It’s like a rainbow for your fence!
  • Looks Special: The way it looks is like a magic spell for your fence – really special and unique.

Why it’s Good for Nature:

  • Nature’s Friend: Japanese Cedar is also good for the Earth. It doesn’t get sick easily, and that’s good news for our planet.

Choosing your fence material with with Humble Fence Company:

Now, the fun part! Deciding which wood is best for your fence. If you like classic and strong, like a superhero, American Cedar is your friend. But if you want something a bit different, like a fancy dress with lots of colors, then Japanese Cedar is the one for you!

At Humble Fence Company, we’re here to help you make the best choice. Our team is like friendly wizards who know all about fences. We’ll help you pick the wood that makes your fence look awesome and stay strong for a long, long time. Let’s make your fence a magical place together! Contact us, and we’ll make your fence dreams come true!

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