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Old Mac Donald’s Farm

Since 1991, Old MacDonald’s Farm in Humble, TX is a staple in the local community for family outings and school field trips. Mitchell Wilkerson says it helped him define his life.

After visiting several safaris where they could get close to exotic animals, Mitchell’s parents, Donald Wilkerson and Susanne Wilkerson opened Old MacDonald’s Farm.

Mitchell stated that the most popular section was the one with goats at the end. Mitchell added that people could touch the animals and they were always a hit. “They wanted to open a place where people could pet the animals and that’s how Old MacDonald’s Farm was created.”

Donald and Susanne remain part-owners of the business. Mitchell now manages the facility.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities at Old MacDonald’s Farm, which includes access to 12 petting zoos that house animals such as sheep, goats, llamas, and tortoises.

The farm also features pony rides, a train that circles the entire property, and a seasonal swimming pool. There are also several playgrounds for children.

Mitchell stated that the company relied primarily on word-of-mouth advertising to spread the word about its new location upon opening.

Mitchell stated that in the beginning, Mitchell’s parents allowed schools to enter their homes for field trips free of charge. Mitchell explained that the theory was that if the schools were allowed in, parents would be able to see the school and decide, “Oh, I want a birthday party there.”

Mitchell said that it took just a few months before the business gained popularity. Three decades later, however, this popularity has remained.

Mitchell stated that the farm has two most popular attractions, the pony rides, and the train. He also noted that the only business in the Humble, TX area to offer a train-on-rails train. Mitchell also mentioned a few seasonal offerings that are customer favorites. These include summer access to the swimming pool and a winter wonderland set up to be used as backdrops for holiday photos.

Mitchell acknowledged that he didn’t see himself inheriting the family farm when he was growing up. However, he finds a lot of joy in running the farm, especially when he is able to spend time with the children.

Wilkerson stated that “when they get off of the bus, they are all wide-eyed and happy.” They’re excited when they get back on board the bus, as I’m putting their stuff in. This tells me that there is something positive about this.

Old MacDonald’s Farm

3203 Farm to Market 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 77338


Hours: Daily, 10 a.m.-5 pm

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