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Wood Privacy Fence Upgrades & Options

You may have ever seen a wood fence that had unique features and wondered why. You might have seen a unique fence that you want to learn the name of. Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas and inspiration for building a fence. But you may end up lost when trying to find names and explanations for different styles. Another option would be to contact Humble Fence Company, we are here to help and answer all your questions.

Some wood fence options make the fence unique, while others enhance the fence’s structural integrity. You can add privacy to the yard or your home with wood fence options. Some options can even extend the life of your fence.

Be aware that some homeowner’s associations may not allow certain design features. For more information about what your fence can and cannot do, see the Five Common Fencing Standards HOAs, POAs or City Councils Enforce. The best way to be certain is to reach out directly to your HOA/city council.

These fence options can be applied to your wood fence if you have an extremely lax HOA. Here’s why they might come in handy.

Fence Stain

A common observation you will notice as you walk through a neighborhood with wood fences, is the differences in their shade. One fence might look gray, but the next fence is deep reddish brown. You might have noticed your own fence losing its color over time. If you are extra vigilant, you may have even seen a fence change from graying to looking new overnight without the intervention of a contractor. A fence stained even though you weren’t looking was what you might have noticed.

As we discussed in our fence color blog, staining your fence using Wood Defender(r) Stain & Sealant will protect your investment and increase its life span while also making it look new.

Steel Posts

Do you remember seeing a wooden fence collapse after a storm? (We have seen many). There is no guarantee that your fence will not be blown over by a hurricane or tropical storm. However, you can reduce the chances of it falling apart by using steel posts instead of pressure-treated wood. Steel does not absorb water like pressurized timber, so fences made of wooden posts will eventually become less sturdy. The galvanized steel Texas Fence uses to reinforce wood fences will withstand heavy rainfall for at least two decades. If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding, and you want a wood fence with more durability, then steel posts might be the right upgrade.

Batten Boards

You may have seen fences made of thin strips of wood that covered the spaces between pickets. You might have seen a fence made with Batten Boards. Batten boards, which are thin wood pieces that hide the gaps between your pickets for a wood fence, are thin wood strips. As a wood fence ages its pickets shrink, there is a small amount of space between each picket.

The fence serves one purpose. It is meant to protect a backyard from prying eyes. Cedar batten boards, if you’re one of these homeowners can make your backyard private even as your wood fence age.


You may have seen a fence with two layers, each layer of pickets. The top layer hides the gaps beneath. It is a wood board on board fence. Board-onboard fences look like a second-cousin to a batten board fence. They serve the same purpose, except that instead of a thin piece of wood, congruent pickets are used for covering the gaps between the pickets beneath.

Wood board-on board fences are preferred by homeowners over batten boards due to their attractiveness. While board-on board fences cost more than their batten-board counterparts, the second layer is added to strengthen the fence’s structure and security. Instead of being just one board thick, board on-board fences are extra protected and less likely to be snapped or broken by an object that is tossed around in a storm.

Cap Tops to make a Cap & Fence

Ever look up at the fence pickets, and think “this is ugly!” You are not the only one. Picket pickets’ ‘dog-eared tops’ are a common problem for homeowners. A capped wooden fencing is a good option if you find your fence’s top profile dull because of picket tips.

Commonly, a fence with a captop is called a trim and cap fence. A wood fence cap top top is typically a 2×4 board that sits on top, flattening the fence’s upper profile into an even line. To give your fence a rustic, modern, or contemporary look, a custom-capped wooden fence can include divots.

Lattice Tops

A few fences are more interesting than the ones that have a post cap if you’re a keen fence observer. A fence with interlaced wooden strips above the pickets is something you may have ever seen. You probably saw a lattice top fence.

Lattice tops can be used to cover the pickets’ ugly tops. However, instead of using a flat line, you can use a complex pattern of crisscrossed wooden pieces to draw guests’ attention. Lattice tops can be used to create a fence and still provide some visibility. A lattice top fence is one of the most popular options for homeowners. It allows you to look up and see the sky.

There are several types of lattice-tops. The most common choices are diagonal and horizontal. Horizontal lattice tops are made up of crossing wooden slats, which run horizontally and vertically. They create a grid-like effect. Diagonal Lattice tops use crossing slats to create a repeating pattern of diamonds. To match or contrast with your wooden fence, lattice can be stained or painted.

You can count on Add-Ons from Start to Finish

Texas Fence is committed to building fences that are tailored to your specific needs. It is up to you and your HOA.

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